Global Respectful Disruption Initiative (GRDI)

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The Global Respectful Disruption Initiative (GRDI) is a pioneering program that recognizes the critical role of diverse thoughts and ideas in promoting transformative change.

By providing a platform for underrepresented voices and ideas in the field of global education and community development, GRDI seeks to empower participants to contribute their unique perspectives, resources, and insights. Through mentorship, community engagement, and financial support, we aim to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Ultimately, we aspire to inspire a new generation of global leaders who are committed to disrupting the status quo and building a more just and equitable future for all.

How to Participate



Sign up to be a volunteer reviewer for scholarship applications.

By volunteering your time and expertise, you will help identify and support deserving students who are committed to making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

This is a commitment of between 3-6 hours, and review takes place in October (for the Spring application cycle) and February-March for the Summer, Fall and Full Year cycle.

Reviewers also participate in a one-hour anti-bias webinar. 



Donate a micro amount to contribute to the scholarship fund.

In honor of our founding year, we are recommending that donors contribute USD $20.23!

COMPEAR Global Education Network and will each generously match every USD $1 donated, up to USD $1,000 raised, between April 21, 2023 and June 15, 2023.

Your financial contribution will directly support students who are passionate about social justice and community development, helping them access educational opportunities abroad that might have otherwise been unattainable.



Write a meaningful note of encouragement or share a quote.

If you remember what it was like to go abroad or be mentored as a student, we want to add a personal touch by sending notes to scholarship recipients with a few words to keep them encouraged and motivated throughout their education abroad journey.

Your words of wisdom can inspire and empower these young leaders to overcome challenges and make a difference in the world.

*If you don’t have Facebook or would prefer to make a donation through another payment method, please Pledge a Donation.

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By participating in the Global Respectful Disruption Initiative, you are helping to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable global community.

Your time, financial support, and wisdom can make a lasting impact on the lives of underrepresented students and the communities they serve.

Join us in our mission to promote social justice, unity, and positive change through global education and activism.

Selected students will also be granted free registration for the next Global Respectful Disruption Summit and will be asked to share a short reflection that tells a story on what Respectful Disruption means to them. This could be submitted as a video, writing, voice recording, song, poem, curated art piece, etc.

GRDI Membership

Organizations and institutions may join the GRDI through annual membership.

Membership Expectations:

Member agrees to pay an annual membership fee of $1,000.00 (the “Membership Fee”) to the GRDI. The Membership Fee is due is non-refundable. In full transparency, 80% of funds are donated to the scholarship, while 20% goes toward management and administration of the GRDI.

The Membership Fee shall be payable annually on the anniversary of the execution of a signed memberships agreement.

If approved, Members will receive:

  • One (1) advisory board position within GRDI, subject to GRDI’s standard nomination and selection process.
  • Opportunities to participate in GRDI’s programs, including but not limited to:
    • Volunteering as a scholarship application reviewer for the Global Respectful Disruption Scholarship and the Fund for Education Abroad.
    • Discounted access to networking opportunities, the Global Respectful Disruption Summit, workshops, and events organized by GRDI.
    • Any other benefits, resources, or opportunities that GRDI may offer to its institutional members from time to time.