2023 Summit Recordings + Bonus Sessions!

Don’t miss our Bonus Sessions in May 2023, as well we the 2023 Global Respectful Disruption Summit recordings!

About the Global Respectful Disruption Summit

COMPEAR and GoAbroad.com have formed a partnership to collaboratively highlight the experiences of the underrepresented around the globe, as well as how all of us can respectfully and actively disrupt practices and policies that make room for inequality and discrimination in international education.

The Global Respectful Disruption Summit is a joint effort to bring together like-minded individuals for learning and discussion.

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Respectful Disruption Learning Guide

One of the goals of the summit is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on what it would mean to respectfully disrupt those systems that have governed and shaped the spaces you inhabit–professional, personal, etc. Ideally, the summit will inspire and empower you to think deeply about what is necessary for true, sustainable change to occur. To that end, we invite you to use the following exercises and activities, a disruptive “roadmap” if you will, to guide your learning and engagement before, during, and after the summit.

We’re also confident that this learning guide will prove useful when attending any event or activity and encourage any and all to download and use these guidelines to learn how to be a better Respectful Disruptor.

Download and use of this guide is complimentary!

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Who Attends?

Expected participants and audience include international educators from all sectors (Education Abroad, International Student Scholar Services, English Language Learning, International Enrollment Management, and International Education Leadership), service providers, practitioners working in intercultural communicative competence and diversity equity and inclusion, or those with a shared interest to amplify and highlight underrepresented voices in multicultural and global education.

Students, seasoned professionals, lecturers, or newcomers are all welcome.

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